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WILD SHIFFER is a CASCADES slot game with 5 reels offering 99 possible paylines. A combination of three to five identical symbols along one or more paylines from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel, constitutes a win.

In the game, winning symbols disappear after being paid, leaving empty spaces on the reels. Then, the remaining symbols fall down to fill these empty spaces. New symbols then appear at the top of the reels to fill the vacant positions. This cascading process continues as long as there are wins on the paylines.


If other possible winning combinations remain on the reels, the round continues, and you can SHIFT THE REELS LEFT AND RIGHT to move these combinations to the paylines. Winnings are paid once there are no more possible wins. When using the shifting feature, the in-game tooltip displays the current possible win. Shift the reels to see other possible wins.


Getting 3 to 5 BONUS symbols on a payline awards Bonus Shifts. Bonus Shifts are triggered when the current game round no longer has any cascades or shifts available. 3 bonus symbols on a payline award 3 Bonus Shifts, 4 symbols award 5 Bonus Shifts, and 5 symbols award 10 Bonus Shifts.

Bonus Shifts start after the game round when the start button is pressed. All Bonus Shifts are played automatically one after the other. During a Bonus Shift, the game shifts to all positions and collects all wins from those paylines. This process repeats as long as there are Bonus Shifts remaining. More Bonus Shifts can be won during the bonus, for a total of up to 50 spins.


All Jokers are WILD symbols and substitute for all other symbols except Bonuses.

  • Green wild symbol: functions as a normal wild symbol, replacing other non-bonus symbols.

  • Multiplier wild symbol: multiplies all winlines that pass through it. The multiplier can be 2, 3, 5, or 10 and is indicated on the symbol.

  • Expanding wild symbol: expands to cover the entire reel on which it appears, converting all symbols to normal wilds, except other wild symbols and bonus symbols.

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