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When you think of casino dice games, craps inevitably comes to mind. However, there are dozens of other dice games that are just as fun, even if they are less well-known. While the basic principle of casino games in casinos remains the same, we offer numerous variations to diversify the enjoyment. Like our roulette games or slot machines, each online dice game offers many possibilities. The simplicity of playing dice games ensures maximum enjoyment for an entertaining and easily accessible experience.


Craps, the classic dice game


Craps is the most widespread and popular dice game. Although its origin is unclear, it is believed to have originated in 14th century England. This game, known as "Hazard" at the time, was introduced in France in the 17th century, where it was modified to become the game we know today. Craps was later brought by French settlers to the southern United States, where it spread. The inventor of modern craps, a certain John H. Winn, was himself a dice maker – talk about destiny! While it was rather complex originally, the game has simplified over time to become the most played casino dice game. It is played with two dice, and players place their bets on the outcome of the dice. The person rolling the dice is called the "shooter." While the game is easy to learn, the numerous betting options make it an extremely attractive casino dice game!


Discover our variety of online casino dice games


When exploring online dice games, craps is not the only option. In our online casino, we offer many dice games for your entertainment. In most of these games, your goal will be to place a series of 12 columns of 3 dice in one of the 4 available slots on the game board. The majority of our popular dice games such as Mega Wheels, Infinity Dice, or Mystery Deal were created by Air Dice, a Finnish company with international renown. Founded in 2003, Air Dice has developed innovative software that is one of the most powerful on the market, ensuring you a unique casino gaming experience. Whether you want to immerse yourself in an Egyptian setting with Gold of the Nile or prefer the world of football with Soccer Wheel Champions, you can be certain to find an atmosphere that suits your current mood.

From the classic to the fantastical, each dice game is an experience to be enjoyed. Additionally, each casino dice game offers various symbol combinations, some more lucrative than others, for maximum suspense! Experience it now at Versailles Casino, a reliable and secure online casino.

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