The terms and conditions of access and use of the services of the website are subject to current Belgian gambling laws and to the General Terms and Conditions of Use of Versailles Casino.

By accessing the website or by using, in any way, the pages and services of the website found at, you expressly acknowledge having read the terms and conditions of use at

The website offers online gambling.

To access the website, users must open an account.

By checking the “acceptance of terms and conditions” box, you are expressly and irrevocably accepting the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the website cannot be held responsible for the non-compliance of these games with laws applicable in your country of residence. You must, prior to registration, inform yourself about the laws applicable in your country of residence.

For any questions regarding these General Terms and Conditions of Use, or generally about the services presented on the Site, the Player is invited to contact VERSAILLES CASINO at:



LOR Invest S.P.R.L. (Société Privée à Responsabilité Limitée [Private Limited Company]), a company under Belgian law, holding a Belgian E-licence (company number BE0683.562.661) owns the website

SONIC S.A. (société anonyme [public limited company]), a Belgian limited company with its registered office at 6060 Gilly, Chaussée de Fleurus, 347/A001 (under company number BE0451.511.739) is responsible for gambling on the website This offer of legal gambling is operated under a Belgian licence for the operation of a Class II virtual gambling room with number B+3971.

These two entities are hereafter referred to as “VERSAILLES CASINO”.

b. Definitions.


General Terms and Conditions of Use


A visitor is any natural person who uses at least once of the VERSAILLES CASINO services.


Means any person of at least 21 years of age who has registered on the Site and has a Player Account.


Means any person accessing the Sites and software without registering.

Player Account:

The Player Account is a personal account opened by an individual (the “Player”) that allows the Player, under the conditions set out in this contract, to access the Software allowing them to play gambling games online; the account may be temporary or permanent.

Pseudo and Password:

The pseudo and password the Player chose when registering online with the website;


The contract means all of the terms set out in these GTCU, the rules and instructions of the Software, the gambling games, the privacy policy of available on the Site.


Means any programmes, files, data or other content on or linked to the Site that allows the Player to participate in online games.




Means the VERSAILLES CASINO website available at URL

Cash Player:

A Cash Player is a player who participates in VERSAILLES CASINO services by betting money.

Customer Service:

Customer Service is the service that any visitor can contact for more information or support.

Demo Player:

A Demo Player is a Player who participates in VERSAILLES CASINO services without placing bets.


A bet is all the financial means the Player commits to the risk of the game.

Game of chance:

A game of chance is any game for which a stake of any kind is committed, resulting in either the loss of the stake by at least one of the Players, or a gain of any kind whatsoever for the benefit of at least one of the Players or the game’s organisers and where chance plays even an incidental part in the course of the game and in determining the winner or setting the gain.


A game is a game of chance by VERSAILLES CASINO.

Game Rules:

The game rules are all the rules applying to a specific game.

Game Session:

The game session is the interval between the start and the finish of a game, during which one or more rounds can take place.


The round begins with the bet and ends with the result.


Gain is all the financial means the Player receives at the end of the round.

c. Modifications.

VERSAILLES CASINO reserves the right, at any time and without prior warning, to modify and update the GTCU, the site access terms, the site content, the game rules.

In the event of modifications to these GCTU by VERSAILLES CASINO, the Players will be notified on their next login at

The Player, by logging in to the site after being informed of the modifications, expressly and irrevocably accepts them.


a. Account opening and registration.

Participation in games of chance available on the VERSAILLES CASINO website requires the opening of a personal Player Account using the registration form provided.

Registration with VERSAILLES CASINO is only permitted to natural persons with legal capacity who have reached a minimum age of 21.

The Player must not be prohibited by the Gambling Commission and/or by the laws of its country of residence.

To validly open an account, the Player must provide the following personal data:

- name;

- first name;

- domicile;

- nationality;

- title;

- date of birth;

- country of residence;

- national registration number or passport number for non-residents

- telephone or mobile telephone number

- postal address;

- email address;

Furthermore, the Player must create a pseudo, an identifier (a username - provided that it is not already taken by another player) and a password.

VERSAILLES CASINO reserves the right to prohibit the use of pseudonyms it deems inappropriate or contrary to public order or morals.

Only the pseudonym will be visible to other site users.

Once registration is complete, you must accept the GTCU and the Privacy Policy by expressly checking the box


VERSAILLES CASINO reserves the right to require proof of the Player’s age and to carry out checks on the information provided at any time.

The Player Account cannot be transferred to or used by a third party. Each player is responsible for the introduction and updating of their contact information in a truthful, complete and accurate manner.

If VERSAILLES CASINO observes or reasonably suspects that only one natural person has the direct or indirect control of multiple accounts, VERSAILLES CASINO reserves the right to block accounts and available sums on such accounts without the Player being entitled to bring any claim.

b. Player Account.

You are fully and personally responsible for any activity under your Player Account.

You must keep your account information confidential.

You undertake to inform VERSAILLES CASINO immediately and by any means possible in the event of unauthorised use of your account or password, or any breach of security.

You may be held liable for damages incurred by VERSAILLES CASINO or any other site user due to the use of your username, password or account by another person.

VERSAILLES CASINO is not liable either for any losses or any damages that the Player might incur following unauthorised use of its login data by a third party, even without the Player’s knowledge.

c. Deposit limit.

From 20 October 2022, the Belgian regulation will impose a default deposit limit of €200 per week.

If you wish to deactivate this default limit, you must submit a request via the deposit tab or via your player account settings and set your own weekly deposit limit.

After a period of 72 hours, your request will be automatically accepted, except for those known to be in default at the Central Consumer Credit Office who will keep the limit at €200 per week.

c.1. Personal deposit limit.

In order to ensure the protection of the Player by Versailles Casino in accordance with the rules set forth by the Gaming Commission, the Player may, at any time, set the personal deposit limit on the Versailles Casino Website.

The Player accesses the settings of his Player account where he has the possibilitý to define the limit amount of his deposits for a specific period.

The client is informed that when increasing the personal deposit limit, this increase will only be effective after a 72-hour delay.

When the player wishes to decrease the amount of his personal limit, this decrease is immediate.

c.2. Legal deposit limit

Pursuant to the Royal Decreé of 19 June 2022 on the modalities of operation of games of chance and betting operated by means of the instruments of the information societý, the Player is informed of the imposition of a legal deposit limit under the said Royal Decreé, limiting monthly deposits to 200 euros on his player account. The Royal Decreé of 19 June 2022 imposes the obligation to question the Gambling Commission about the player's registration in case of default of payment to the Centrale des Crédits aux particuliers.

If the player is alreadỳ registered on the site, and the player has not yet deleted his "legal" limit and wishes to do so, the player will have to declare on his honour that he is not known to be in default of payment in the file of the Centrale des crédits aux particuliers.

If the player has just registered on the site, and wishes to remove his "legal" limit, he will have to declare on his honour that he is not known to be in default of payment in the file of the Centrale des crédits aux particuliers.

If the player lives outside Belgium, he/she is not subject to this control. If the Player removes the "legal" limit, the Player agrees to play responsibly and the responsibilitý of Versailles Casino cannot be implicated if the aforementioned Royal Decree cannot be enforced.

The Player has no recourse against Versailles Casino regarding the application of deposit limits, regardless of the latter, Versailles Casino will always activate the strictest limit.

d. Site Rules.

The Player undertakes to use the Site or its services solely for the purposes permitted by the GTCU and any rules or practices or guidelines generally accepted in the territory of the Player’s residence;

The Player will not disrupt or interfere with security, or take part in any other form of abuse, of the Site, or all of the services, system resources, accounts, servers or networks connected to or accessible via the Site or any apparent or related websites;

The Player will not create or use a false identity on this site;

The Player may not distribute misinformation or illegal announcements;

The Player agrees not to use the Site for any illegal purpose or any purpose likely to damage the image of VERSAILLES CASINO;

The Player may not modify or attempt to modify, by any processes or instruments whatsoever, the software, the devices of the games proposed, for the purpose of changing the results;

The Player cannot use or attempt to use the stochastic (martingale) calculation or any software that has artificial intelligence in connection with the use of the games;

The Player may not reproduce, without authorisation from VERSAILLES CASINO, in any medium whatsoever, all or part of the contents of the Site;

The Player may not use data to which he may have access via our Site to distribute unsolicited messages to the inboxes of other Internet users (ʺspammingʺ), for any commercial or non-commercial purposes, or in any other unauthorised manner;

The Player may not download, send, transmit by email or otherwise any content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, constitutes harassment, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, threatening to the privacy of others, hateful, racist, or otherwise reprehensible;

The Player may not authorise a third party to use their account or use the payment methods or user account of any third party or another Player, even with their agreement;

The Player must respond to any request from VERSAILLES CASINO relating to their account and communicate to VERSAILLES CASINO any documents or evidence they consider useful concerning their age, bank details, deposits made etc.

In addition, the client agrees that they are solely responsible for their own actions and the communications made or transmitted through the Site and, in particular, their account.

e. The Player’s Undertakings.

The Player expressly declares that:

- they have read and understand perfectly the GCTU, and accept the rules specific to gambling games available on the Site;

- they understand that they may win or lose money when participating in games on the Site and undertake to assume alone the consequences of any financial loss and waive any remedy under this heading vis-à-vis VERSAILLES CASINO;

- they are of the legal age to open an account and are not legally prohibited to do so;

- they are not banned from gambling by the Gambling Commission in Belgium or by any other body.

- the information and personal data they communicate is accurate, truthful and complete;

- the funds they use to play on the Site are not of illegal origin;

- they will not use nor have the intention to use or permit any other person to use their Player Account in connection with the Company’s Services for any prohibited or illegal activity, including but not limited to fraud or money laundering, under the laws of your jurisdiction or any other law applicable in any other jurisdiction;

- they are not acting on behalf of a third party;

The Player agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless VERSAILLES CASINO, its directors, employees, representatives and suppliers, as well as any possible third-party partners against all possible losses, expenses, damages and charges, including legal fees, arising from any breach of these GTCU caused by the Player directly or indirectly, including in case the breach is caused by a third person through the Player’s account and irrespective of the fact whether the Players was aware of it or not


a. General information.

Participation in the Games is exclusively remotely via the Site, with the Player’s username and password.

The Site is accessible via all computer hardware, including a computer, mobile phone or other media that allows connection to the Internet (Smartphones, Tablets, Gambling Consoles, SmartTV, etc.). Some games may require specific gambling software to be downloaded.

In order to connect to the Site, the Player acknowledges and agrees that they must have hardware and software equipment, as well as an Internet connection compatible with the terms of the provision of Games offered by the Site. To do this, VERSAILLES CASINO recommends the following configuration:

Hardware and Operating System:

  PC: Windows XP and later

  Macintosh: Mac OS X and later


  Firefox or Chrome

  Javascript MUST be enabled in your browser. To verify if Javascript is enabled, follow the procedure listed on https: //

  Your browser MUST be configured to allow cookies. For more information on enabling/disabling cookies, visit http: //

  Adobe Flash MUST be installed in your browser. To install Adobe Flash player, please go to http: //

Connection Type:

  Minimum ADSL 512.

If the Player does not have this minimum configuration, they risk not being able to benefit from the Services offered online by VERSAILLES CASINO.

b. Games.

Players participate in a game by betting a certain amount among the amounts proposed. Possible bets and gains can be consulted in the game rules. The Player has a free choice of bet for each round. All bets are immediately debited from the Player Account.

When the Player Account does not hold enough funds for the chosen bet, the Player may not participate in the desired game.

At the end of a round, the Player is immediately notified of the result; the eventual gain will be credited to their Player Account. In the event that a round is terminated before the end by the Player, the Player loses the possibility of a gain. In the event that a round is terminated before the end due to a technical issue, the Player must immediately contact Customer Service. After analysis of the course of the game and the technical issue, VERSAILLES CASINO will make a technical report, taking into account the applicable rules of the game. The technical report on the performance of this round shall constitute the sole evidence on which the loss or gain is calculated and may not be subject to any debate.

In the event that the conduct of a round or rounds is or was not consistent with the rules of the game or these GTCU, for any reason, VERSAILLES CASINO reserves the right to correct the result of such a round or rounds to comply with the normal course of the game. Any gains or losses of a Player during an incorrectly conducted round may also be corrected by VERSAILLES CASINO without prior notice being given to the Player. The technical report on the conduct of the round shall constitute the sole evidence on which the (corrected) loss or gain is calculated and there will be no discussion on this matter.

The rules relating to the Games offered by VERSAILLES CASINO are subject to the special conditions of use that you may consult in each of the games.

c. Deposit and withdrawal of money

Use of the Player Account by the Player is strictly limited to its participation in online games available on the Site to the exclusion of any other use, in particular as a bank account.

Under no circumstances may any sums of money linked to a Player Account generate interest.

In the framework of raising awareness of responsible gambling and for the protection of the Player by VERSAILLES CASINO, the Player is advised that they may at any time set up deposit limits for any gambling games on the Site in which they participate.

In the event of an increase in a deposit limit by the Player above the legal €200 limit , the Player is informed and accepts without reservation that he/she will only be able to play with this increased limit after a period of 72 hours following such an increase. In the event that VERSAILLES CASINO has not received a response from the CJH within 72 hours, a new attempt will be made for a further 24 hours.

A decrease in the amount of the Player’s deposit limits shall have immediate effect.

Subject to compliance with all the provisions of these GTCU, VERSAILLES CASINO undertakes to execute the Player’s request to withdraw gains upon their first request, as long as and to the extent that the balance of the Player Account is positive.

Payment of any sum of money will be executed by VERSAILLES CASINO only to the extent that the Player is not liable for any sum to VERSAILLES CASINO and after verification that the game followed its proper course, in the absence of any trickery, fraud, and error in the Software or human error that resulted in an unjustified gain or loss for a Player.

VERSAILLES CASINO does not take any commission or fee of any kind on any deposits or withdrawals, regardless of the payment method used. However, VERSAILLES CASINO reserves the right to apply a 15% administration fee on transactions (withdrawals and deposits) the purpose of which is not solely participation in the games (especially in the case of consecutive deposits and withdrawals without stakes)

The Player irrevocably and permanently waives the rejection or refusal of payment of any sums due to VERSAILLES CASINO. Furthermore, the Player authorises VERSAILLES CASINO to take from their Player Account any sums they have unduly received as a result of a fraud or a malfunction of the Site or the games services.

The Player agrees to indemnify VERSAILLES CASINO for any loss it may suffer in connection with payments or defaults in payment by the Player or the faulty or abusive use of their account.

Depending on the method of payment used, there may be a charge made to the Player by their banking institution or payment provider. In no event shall VERSAILLES CASINO be liable for such charges, and the Player is required to give prior notice to their financial institution or payment provider of any transaction fees that may be claimed.

The Player declares they are aware that all financial transactions are subject to customary banking delays. It is also the responsibility of the Player to verify that all information necessary to validate the transaction has been communicated to VERSAILLES CASINO. In no event shall VERSAILLES CASINO be liable for any payment made into the bank account of a Player who has been hacked.

Debit card details, or details of any other method of payment used to deposit funds in the Player Account, provided by the Player when they register to use the Services of the Company, are those of the holder of the registered Player Account and these cards are not stolen or declared lost. Without derogating the foregoing, if the Player uses a debit card or other form of payment that is not in their personal and private name, VERSAILLES CASINO will assume that the Player has received full and sufficient consent from the legitimate owner and/or the person whose name is used on this payment instrument to use this payment instrument for the purposes hereof, prior to the Player’s engagement with VERSAILLES CASINO.

Credit transfer cannot be made until the Player’s account has been validated by VERSAILLES CASINO.

VERSAILLES CASINO reserves the right to request any information or documents deemed necessary to validate deposits and withdrawals of money such as, without limitation, a photocopy of the identity card or a copy of the bank card.

Once your request has been validated, deposits made through a bank card or any other payment method are made instantaneously, unless there is a technical problem.

Deposit limits per transaction, minimum 10 Euros

Withdrawals Limit:

By wire transfer:

Min: 10.00 Euros

Max: 10.000,00 Euros if winnings higher than 10.000,00 Euro


Min: 15.00 Euros

Max: 2,000.00 Euros


a. Suspension or closure of account by VERSAILLES CASINO

VERSAILLES CASINO reserves the right to suspend or terminate a Player Account, temporarily or permanently, without notice or indemnity, including during a round, particularly in the following cases;

• the Player’s account has been inactive for an uninterrupted period of 12 months or more;

• VERSAILLES CASINO believes that the User has breached one or more provisions of these GTCU;

• the Player has not communicated within the requested deadlines all the supporting documentation necessary to validate their Player Account;

• the items or documents communicated to VERSAILLES CASINO are incomplete or inaccurate;

• registration conditions are not or are no longer fulfilled;

• the Player is prohibited from gambling;

• there has been an abusive use of the account opening procedure;

• in the event of the suspicion or discovery by VERSAILLES CASINO of fraud or unlawful activity by a Player, or an attempt to use the Sites, the Software or gambling services unlawfully, including the use of the Player Account of another Player (even with their agreement), or the use of stolen credit or debit cards;

• any act of piracy of the Sites, Software or gambling services, including infringement of the intellectual property rights of VERSAILLES CASINO;

• any act or attempted act of collusion between players.

In the event of suspension or closure of a Player Account for the reasons described above, VERSAILLES CASINO has a right of retention over the sums in the Player’s Account, in order to take from it any eventual administrative charges and damages for which the Player is liable. The Player will be notified of the suspension or closure of their account by email.

VERSAILLES CASINO reserves the right to:

• bring to the knowledge of any competent authorities, including judicial authorities, any unlawful activities, or those suspected of being unlawful, by a Player;

• block the assets of a Player with the intention of preventing the consequences of any abusive or unlawful use, suspected or actual, of the Sites or the games services;

• initiate any judicial action necessary or useful to terminate a breach of which the Player is accused, obtain reparation for the damage suffered by VERSAILLES CASINO or recover any gains that have been paid to the Player after or due to the breach of which the Player is accused.

b. Closure of the Account by the Player

The Player may close their account at any time by sending a registered letter to VERSAILLES CASINO, Chaussée de Fleurus 347/A001 6060 Gilly (Belgium), or by email. Termination of the contract will take effect when the Player has received written notice from VERSAILLES CASINO confirming that the Agreement has ended.

A Player may also at any time introduce a request for prohibition of access to the Belgian gambling commission. The procedure for a voluntary access prohibition request is set out in detail on the following web page:

http://www.gamblingcommission.... free/index.html

c. Consequences of Terminating the Player Account

Termination of the Account means that the Player:

- ceases all use of the Site, Software and games;

- removes any copies of these from its computer or any other media.

Provisional closure of a Player Account will cause immediate blocking of sums present on it.

Definitive closure of a Player Account results in immediate payment to the Player’s bank account of the sums present on their account, subject to there being no fraudulent activity on the part of the holder that has resulted in the account being blocked.

Operation of a closed account is impossible.

VERSAILLES CASINO will notify you by email of the closure.


Use of this Site is entirely at the Player’s own risk.

Unless otherwise provided and to the maximum extent permitted by law, this Site and all of its contents, Software, game services proposed and related information contained therein or related to it are provided “as is” and “subject to availability”, without warranty of any kind, express or implied. In particular, VERSAILLES CASINO does not guarantee that the Site and its software will meet the Player’s requirements, will not be subject to any interruption, shall at any time be appropriate, secure or free of errors or bugs and does not infringe any intellectual property rights of third parties. VERSAILLES CASINO does not guarantee that defects, if any, will be corrected.

As a result of the foregoing, the Player acknowledges that VERSAILLES CASINO, its officers, employees, agents or sub-contractors cannot be held liable in respect of any of the services or information made available to the Player, for any direct or indirect damages the Player may suffer, or from any immaterial damage such as loss of profit, opportunity, gain, use, the loss or alteration of data or costs incurred by the acquisition of substitute goods or services, which result from the use of functioning of the Site and/or the Services proposed or data accessible via the Site, even if VERSAILLES CASINO has been advised of the possibility of such damage.

VERSAILLES CASINO shall also not be held liable if, for any reason outside of its control, one or more games or services may be modified, postponed, cancelled or rendered temporarily unavailable due to maintenance or updates.

Similarly, VERSAILLES CASINO reserves the ability to interrupt or suspend any of the games or services offered on the Site at any time and without notice, without being required to provide evidence of the reason or the motive. In such case, VERSAILLES CASINO cannot be held liable in any way and the Players may not claim any compensation of any kind whatsoever.

In the event of system errors that occur in the context of the audit of accounts or in relation to features or software components, neither VERSAILLES CASINO nor our software provider shall be liable to the Player or any third party for any costs, expenses, losses or claims arising that are the consequence of such errors. Where there are such errors, VERSAILLES CASINO reserves the right to delete all games affected by the software and the Site, to cancel all games affected by such errors, including cancellation of all Player gains attributable to such errors and to take any other necessary action to correct such errors.

Finally, the Player holds VERSAILLES CASINO harmless for any damage or inconvenience, of whatever nature, direct or indirect, foreseeable or unpredictable, that the Player or any third party suffers following abusive or inadequate use of the Site, the Software or the games, by a Player or a third party, including, in particular, damages related to monetary loss, absence of gains, loss of data, damage to property or person.


The Player declares they are informed that VERSAILLES CASINO is holder or beneficial owner of the intellectual property rights relating to all of the trademarks, company names, signs, trade names, domain names or URLs, logos, photographs, databases, sounds, videos, animations, images, texts etc. and any other distinctive signs as well as software and games presented on the Site.

The Player only benefits from a personal, non-exclusive, temporary, revocable, and non-assignable licence of access that is strictly limited to non-commercial use of the Site software and programmes.

Any other use of the Games or distinctive signs of VERSAILLES CASINO beyond that which is legitimate and authorised to the Player is strictly prohibited.

The Player shall not in any way infringe the intellectual property rights referred to above and, in particular, shall not reproduce, communicate, use, even partially, the distinctive signs, or use all or part of the content of the Software, the games, the Sites or any part of the Sites, without the prior written consent of VERSAILLES CASINO.


The Player benefits from the Services after its registration has been validated by VERSAILLES CASINO.

These GTCU’s are valid for an indefinite period, until termination of the Player’s account or longer for the section of these GTCU which by their nature survive the such termination.


VERSAILLES CASINO invites you to play moderately.

The Player may at any time visit the “RESPONSIBLE GAMING” section, accessible through all the pages of the VERSAILLES CASINO site. In this section, the Player may access all of the moderators set up on the site, advice from the department against compulsive and excessive gaming to prevent all risks of addiction, the procedure for registering on registers of those prohibited from gaming, and the list of specialised organisations against addiction.

Versailles Casino has also developed a tool that generates a warning message alerting you of your spending status. The frequency of its appearance is adjustable.

A tool for limiting the game and/or game time is also available.


VERSAILLES CASINO may at any time verify a Player’s credit with financial institutions and third-party payment providers and may also verify any data relating to their registration and account.

VERSAILLES CASINO may at any time request from the Player their bank account details and details of any financial transactions arising in connection with their use of the Site.


For any claims relating to games or payment of gains, the Player may either go directly to the Site, under the ʺHelpʺ tab, or send a separate email to

Complaints should be made no later than 7 days after the event giving rise to the complaint occurs. Failing this, the complaint will not be accepted. However, the Player recognises that VERSAILLES CASINO is not required to investigate or respond to a claim made by a Player towards another Player.

Any claim will be processed during business days, within a maximum of 72 hours. Where additional investigation of our game suppliers is required, an additional 72 hours may be required.

Players who wish to send a request for information or a complaint in connection with an online gambling site may contact the Gambling Commission, giving, at a minimum, their surname, first name and date of birth.

This request may be sent by letter to:

Commission des Jeux de Hasard

Cantersteen, 47



The Player’s rights and obligations may not be assigned to any third party without prior consent from VERSAILLES CASINO.

VERSAILLES CASINO is authorised to sell the Software, the Site or all or part of the games service without prior approval from the Player.


VERSAILLES CASINO will implement security measures to protect the personal information you provide from unauthorised access and use. However, you acknowledge and accept that transmissions via the Internet are never completely confidential and secure. You acknowledge that any message or information you transmit on our Site may be read or intercepted by others, even if a special notice specifies that a given transmission is encrypted.


Connection to the Site and the use of the services offered involves knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limitations of the Internet network, in particular technical performance, response times for viewing, examining or transferring information, the risks of interruption and, more generally, the inherent risks in any connection and transmission over the Internet or mobile phone networks, the absence of protection of certain data from possible diversion and the risks of contamination by possible digital viruses circulating on Internet and mobile phone networks.

VERSAILLES CASINO will make every effort to ensure that the Site and files that can be downloaded on it are free from unauthorised bugs, viruses, trojan horses and spyware. However, VERSAILLES CASINO shall under no circumstances be liable for the following non-exhaustive list:

- transmitting and receiving or not receiving any data and/or information on the Internet or mobile networks;

- any malfunctions of Internet and mobile networks that prevent the performance and/or operation of our Services;

- any failure of any receiving equipment or communication lines;

-the loss of any data;

- the malfunction of any software;

- the consequences of any computer virus or bug, anomaly, technical failure;

- any damage caused to a User’s computer or mobile telephone;

- any technical, hardware or software failure of any kind that has damaged a User’s computer and/or mobile telephone.

It is your responsibility to take all appropriate measures to protect your own data on your computer, tablet and/or mobile phone against any attack.

VERSAILLES CASINO is, in addition, only under an obligation of means in the continuity of its Services.

The Site is in principle available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day without interruption, scheduled or not, for the requirements of maintenance or in the case of force majeure.


Establishing links to the Site pages:

All links to the home page or any of the pages of the Site may not be established without the prior written consent of VERSAILLES CASINO and as long as “VERSAILLES CASINO” or any other equivalent or more accurate reference is clearly indicated on or near the link.

This authorisation shall not apply to websites that disseminate information that is unlawful, violent, controversial, pornographic, xenophobic, or that would be offensive to the majority of people.

Permission for the establishment of the links referred to in this article should be requested at the following address: The request must refer to the address of the page (URL) where the link will be located on the third-party site.

Inclusions and use of frames

Any use or reproduction, even partial, of any of the parts of the Site within a third-party site by means of processes called inclusion, frames, in-lining or other similar procedures is expressly prohibited.

Links referenced on the Site

The Site may contain links to websites or web pages belonging to third parties. Such sites are provided solely for your comfort and information. VERSAILLES CASINO makes no guarantees and assumes no liability for hyperlinks of third parties or the content of such sites.

Access to these websites is at your own risk and you acknowledge that these websites may be subject to other terms of use and other privacy provisions than those applicable to this Site.


If VERSAILLES CASINO does not require the User strictly to enforce any of the terms, undertakings or conditions set out in these GTCU, this fact may never be construed as a waiver by VERSAILLES CASINO of the right to pursue them, nor as abandonment of its rights, and VERSAILLES CASINO may at any time require of the User their strict and complete application of any or all of the said terms, undertakings and conditions of its GTCU.


The provisions of these GTCU shall always be construed to comply with applicable law. However, in the event that the nullity or invalidity of any provision of these GTCU is determined or discovered, this nullity or invalidity shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of the GTCU. VERSAILLES CASINO undertakes, in that case, to replace the void provision with a new provision with the same objective as the one it replaces that has, as far as possible, the equivalent effects in order to restore the balance of the contract.


The files, data and documents held by VERSAILLES CASINO on computer applications within the VERSAILLES CASINO computer systems under reasonably secure conditions will be considered evidence of the communications and results of the games between the Player and VERSAILLES CASINO.

VERSAILLES CASINO retains documents recording any agreement concluded between VERSAILLES CASINO and a Player that are for the purpose of obtaining the services of VERSAILLES CASINO by electronic means without making such documents available to third parties.

In the event of any differences between the result of a game shown on the Site and the result recorded, directly or indirectly, by VERSAILLES CASINO, in particular on its computer server via the Software, the result recorded by VERSAILLES CASINO shall always prevail.


This Agreement is subject to Belgian law, without prejudice to the mandatory provisions that Player would be entitled to enforce pursuant to Article 6 of EC Regulation No 593/2008 of the European Parliament and Council on applicable contractual obligations.

In the event of a disagreement or dispute between you and VERSAILLES CASINO arising out of or in connection with your use of the Sites, the parties shall attempt to resolve this dispute promptly and in good faith within 14 days of its notification by either Party. In the event of inability to resolve this dispute within the specified time period, the Belgian courts and tribunals of the jurisdiction of Charleroi alone have jurisdiction over any dispute concerning the application or interpretation of these GTCUs.

VERSAILLES CASINO offers services to Players in French, English and Dutch. These GTCU are translated into these three languages based on your choice of navigation. The French version will prevail in any conflict between the translation and the French version.

You acknowledge that, notwithstanding any legislative provision to the contrary, any claim or action against us must be made no later than fifteen calendar days after the occurrence of the event giving rise to it.