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Wheel of Antwerp

WHEEL OF Antwerpen

Wheel of Antwerp is a classic dice game based on the legend of the city's giant, Brabo. The goal is to strategically place the dice in the 4 available boxes, aligning symbols on one of the 5 paylines to achieve wins.

Chinese symbols hold higher value than numerical symbols, and you can multiply your wins by 1.5 or 2 by getting respectively 3 or 4 winning boxes out of the 4 available. Additionally, points earn you prizes based on your bet, with the chance to win up to 200 points by getting 9 identical symbols, equivalent to a win of 4 times your bet.


The special feature of Wheel of Antwerp is the Wheel of Fortune, triggered by aligning 3 bonus symbols on one of the 5 winning lines. By spinning the wheel, you can multiply your bet up to 100 times and win Mystery games for even bigger wins.

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