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Wandering Devourer


WANDERING DEVOURER is a 5-reel DICE SLOT with rotating symbols and 25 fixed paylines. The game features a special symbol WANDERING DEVOURER and FREE SPINS.


A combination of at least three identical symbols on one or more paylines constitutes a win.

The paytable shows the prize for each winning combination, based on the selected bet level. Normal wins are evaluated from left to right for adjacent symbols, starting from the leftmost reel. When you win on two or more lines, all wins are added together. The wins are paid immediately at the end of each game round.

FREE SPINS are played with the same bet level as the triggering round, and the bet cannot be changed during FREE SPINS.

The WANDERING DEVOURER has three specialties: WILD, WALKING, and MULTIPLIER. It only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4. Only one can be present at a time. It replaces all other symbols except for the SCATTER symbol.


  • Starts with 4 health points.
  • Moves randomly in any direction, one tile at a time, as long as it has remaining health points.
  • Each movement reduces health points by 1.
  • Health potions increase health points.
  • Consumes the symbol beneath it and leaves an empty space behind.
  • The empty space is filled by a cascading symbol from the extra reel above the normal reels.
  • The extra reel drops normal symbols, multipliers, and health potions, except during FREE SPINS where only multipliers and health potions are present.
  • Wins on paylines including the wandering devourer are multiplied by the Devourer's multiplier.
  • The Wandering Devourer starts with a multiplier of 1.
  • Collecting each multiplier symbol increases the multiplier value.
  • The multiplier value can increase up to a maximum of 100.
  • During its first move, the Devourer has a chance to collect a special +4x multiplier.
  • If the Devourer moves elsewhere, the special multiplier disappears.
  • When the Devourer's health points reach 0, the player receives an ADDITIONAL WIN: the Devourer's multiplier multiplies the bet.

FREE SPINS - The Tempest

FREE SPINS start with 3 or more SCATTER symbols. SCATTER symbols can appear on reels 1 to 5.

3 SCATTER symbols reward 4 free spins

4 SCATTER symbols reward 6 free spins

5 SCATTER symbols reward 14 free spins

When the Wandering Devourer appears during FREE SPINS, all symbols on the reels are replaced by multipliers and health potions. During FREE SPINS, the Wandering Devourer symbol appears at least once.


There are regular WILD symbols in the game. Regular WILD symbols substitute for all other symbols except the SCATTER symbol. Regular WILD symbols appear only if the WANDERING DEVOURER symbol is already on the reels.

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