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Mystery Chips

Mystery Chips is part of the dice games family that lets you frequently win MYSTERY rounds through the bonus!


A set of 3 random dice appears. You need to place these dice in one of the 4 boxes. Your goal is to get 3 identical dice in a horizontal or diagonal row.

You need to have at least 100 points to win.

Try to score points in 3 boxes to receive a score multiplier of X1.5, or in all 4 boxes to receive a score multiplier of X2.

If you manage to align 9 identical dice in a single box, you gain an additional 200 points.



If you get 3 Bonus dice in a row,

you access the Bonus game of chips.


In the Bonus Chips game, your objective is to earn as many points as possible, or win MYSTERY rounds.

Points gained in the bonus game are added to the points won in the main game, and any multipliers are also applied to the bonus points.

The Bonus Chips game presents you with 24 facedown tokens. Behind each token is a value in points or MYSTERY rounds.

The game will assign you one of the 7 different point values, ranging from 100 to 1000 points, or from 2 to 5 MYSTERY rounds. Each possible winning value is hidden under exactly 3 tokens at random locations.

To play the bonus, click on the tokens one by one to flip them over. The bonus game ends when you've revealed 3 tokens with the same value.

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