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High Low Dice Evolution

High Low Dice Evolution

High Low Dice Evolution is inspired by the Portuguese table game "Banca Francesa," where the objective is to predict the value of the sum of 3 dice.


You have 5 chips to place your bets.


  • Drag: Select a chip and drag it to the desired betting area.

  • Click: Select a chip and click on the desired betting area. The player can place the following bets:

  • Aces: when the sum of the dice is equal to 3.

  • Low: when the sum of the dice is 5, 6, or 7.

  • High: when the sum of the dice is 14, 15, or 16.

The player can move chips between areas or manually remove them by dragging them out of the betting areas.

The DOUBLE option doubles all bets on the table. The CLEAR option removes all bets from the table.

Each position on the table has a minimum and maximum bet. The game will alert you if these values are not met.

To start the game, simply click the PLAY button.

Bets cannot be changed during the dice roll.

In case the sum of the dice results in a tie (where none of the sums correspond to the results for Aces, High, or Low), the player can choose to withdraw, keep, or modify their bet.

After a valid bet, the player has the option to REBET AND PLAY.

On all winning bets, the player receives their bet back plus the winnings.


A win in Aces pays 55 times the value of the bet.

A win in High or Low pays 1 time the value of the bet.

Whenever the sum of the dice does not correspond to any of the 3 winning chances, it is considered a "Tie" result, and the bet is returned.

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