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A game round consists of 12 moves. Each move involves placing the column of 3 random dice into one of the four available boxes. A game round is completed when all 12 moves have been made. At the end of the game round, all earned points are awarded and paid according to the paytable. The next game round can then be initiated.

Points are earned by placing 3 identical dice on a horizontal or diagonal line. Different dice symbols carry different point values, with less common dice symbols carrying the highest point values. A minimum of 100 points is required for the minimum prize.

Score Multipliers

If you score points in 3 boxes, the points are multiplied by 1.5.

If you score points in 4 boxes, the points are multiplied by 2.

If you fill a box with 9 identical dice, you earn an additional 200 points.

Mystery Games

During Mystery Games, all prizes in the main game's paytable are worth the top prize, 100 times the bet. A minimum of 100 points is required to win a cash prize that does not trigger the 100x bet win.

Mystery Games are not free rounds: each Mystery Game requires placing the same bet as the round in which it was won. No bets can be altered during Mystery Games.

Mystery Games start in the round following the one in which they were won.


Mystery Games can be won from the Dragon Fight Bonus Feature in this game.

Dragon Fight
Place three Bonus symbols on a win line to trigger the Dragon Fight Bonus Feature.

The bonus feature begins with the player's turn to take an action. The action is randomly selected by spinning a reel. Player actions include sword strike (awards 50 points), magical sword strike (awards 100 points), summon lightning (Mystery or Kingpot attack; instantly defeats the dragon), and shield. Attacks may also miss, and the player does not win any prize that round.

After the player's action, the dragon takes a turn. The dragon's actions include claw strike, fire breath, and heal. The dragon's attacks may also miss.

The player and dragon continue to take turns until one runs out of health points, displayed as a bar above the characters.

Defeating the dragon rewards the player with a spin on one of the three reward wheels. The wheel depends on the attack used to defeat the dragon: sword strike and magical sword strike award a Points spin, Mystery lightning attack awards a Mystery spin, and Kingpot lightning attack awards a Kingpot spin.

Kingpot Spin: A cash prize of either 100x, 500x, or 2400x the bet.

Mystery Spin: 2-20 Mystery Games.

Points Spin: 100-600 points, added to the bonus game points.

At the end of the feature, all points from the bonus feature are added to the main game result.

The bonus feature can be triggered only once per main game box, but from multiple boxes in one game round.

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