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The online casino dice game Dice Winner allows players to have a say in which positions on the reels the different dice will appear. The decision must not be taken lightly, because the more combos a player wins, the higher the line wins and the bonuses will be! Luck can be given a helping hand with the bonus wheel: One spin could result in massive wins!

In Dice Winner dice game there is only one reel. When the player starts the game this reel spins to a position showing three symbols in a vertical strip. The player chooses a Slot to place that combination in. It is placed in the left-most available position of that Slot. Once the first combination is placed, a new three symbol combination will be shown. The player again chooses which Slot to place it. As the game progresses the game will hint towards advantageous positions to place the combination by flashing already placed combinations that are improved by the current one. Once a Slot is filled points are awarded for three of the same symbol. Once 12 combinations have been place the total number of points is totalled. If sufficient points have been won, a prize is paid.

9 alike – if nine of the same symbols are present in a Slot, bonus points are awarded



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