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Get ready with CASH HIT OR NOT, the online dice game that will take you on a journey!  GAME RULES The game starts with the automatic roll of three dice with either a specific number, a special Chinese symbol, or a Bonus symbol (red flame 六).You can then click on an empty SET to place the dice on the game board. Afterward, three new dice will be generated to be placed in one of the empty SETS or chosen to create winning combinations (Three identical dice on a horizontal or diagonal winning line). Each of the four different SETS is scored separately, and the goal is to reach a total of 100 points or more to win prizes. BONUS GAME When three (3) identical BONUS symbols (red flame ) appear on a line, you will be directed to the BONUS GAME.The BONUS GAME suitcases offer prizes ranging from 100 to 1000 points and cash prizes.It's up to you to decide whether to accept or refuse the proposed prize. MYSTERY The MYSTERY BONUS GAME offers a win of 100 times your bet when you score 100 points or more. SUPER GAME (SG) At the end of a game, the total win is checked. If it is more than 100 times the bet, including the bonus win, the SUPER GAME is activated.A super game is a random spin on the wheel, and the result is added to the credits (balance).Press the SPIN button to start each wheel spin. BONUS NINE IDENTICAL - FULL (9 ALIKE) If you manage to place 9 identical symbols in the same grid, you will receive a Bonus of 200 points, which will be added to your score for that grid. 2X MULTIPLIER If you manage to make combinations in 4 sets, you will receive a 2X multiplier.The score will then be multiplied by 2. 1.5X MULTIPLIER If you manage to make combinations in 3 sets, you will receive a 1.5X multiplier.The score will then be multiplied by 1.5.  


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