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1-Shot Star Dice

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1-SHOT STAR is a 3-reel video slot with 5 fixed win lines.

Game Rules

A combination of three, matching symbols along one, or more, win lines can constitute a win. The wintable indicates the prize for each win combination, using the currently selected bet level. Normal symbol wins are evaluated left to right for adjacent symbols, starting from the leftmost reel. When winning on two, or more, win lines all wins are added together. Only the highest win per winline is paid. The wins are paid out immediately at the end of each game round. The maximum win from the basegame is 2500x the bet.


The game contains 8 regular win symbols and one special symbol, the STAR symbol.

The STAR symbol is always paired with another, regular symbol. The pair forms win combinations.


The 1-Shot Star feature triggers when two stars appear on one, or multiple, winlines. If there are 3 STARS on any winline a regular STAR win is paid and the feature doesn't trigger.

In the 1-Shot Star feature, you have the possibility to buy a single STAR at the cost of 10 times the base bet. After the purchase, the STAR is randomly assigned to one of the non-star slots on the reels.

You win a STAR PRIZE when there are 3 STARS on a win line. Each STAR reveals a prize, and the STAR PRIZES on a win line will be summed up to form the total 1-Shot Star feature prize. Wins from the 1-Shot Star feature are capped at 900 times the 1-Shot Star feature bet.


Purchase options are available in the extras menu. Activating the SHOOTING STAR gives 50% more STAR symbols. The cost is double the bet per spin.

The SHOOTING STAR remains active after purchase. You can deactivate it by pressing the DEACTIVATE button.

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