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Treasure Cubes


TREASURE CUBES is a video dice slot game with 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 winning lines. The game contains bonus scatter symbol STAR DICE, bonus feature TREASURE HUNT and bonus feature DICE GAME


Minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 identical symbols (one symbol per reel) are required to create a winning combination on a minimum of 1 out of 5 winning lines. All winning combinations are counted from left to right except the scatter symbol STAR DICE. Only the highest achieved win per winning line is paid out.



3 or more STAR DICE symbols on all reels trigger the MYSTERY feature with a random prize based on the min. and max. possible win for the current bet.


3 or more TREASURE DICE symbols on any winning line trigger the TREASURE HUNT feature with a random prize based on the min. and max. possible win for the current bet. The main goal of the bonus game is to open as many TREASURE DICE as possible and find the hidden random cash prize. Bonus game ends either when all TREASURE DICE were opened or when an empty TREASURE DICE was found.


The DICE GAME (DG) bonus feature is triggered by 5 SEVEN DICE symbols on 1 out of 5 winning lines. By pressing the button START at any desired time will stop the BONUS WHEEL from spinning along with the dice in the middle. If the outcome of the dice roll for each single Dice Game is even number (2,4,6) then the winning is equal to current bonus bet multiplied by 100 and it is automatically added to the player's credit in the CREDITS field. If it's an odd number (1,3,5) then no winning is won nor added. The bonus feature may be also triggered by TREASURE CUBE and STAR DICE symbols.


Paytable gives the values of wins. All values are in EUR. Paytable included directly in game, shows values calculated based on actual value of bet.

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