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MultiHand BlackJack Pro

MultiHand Blackjack Pro

Game Rules


The objective is to collect up to 6 cards with a face value higher than the banker's without exceeding 21. If a combination of cards exceeds 21, it's called a "Bust," resulting in an instant loss in the round. An ace can be counted as 1 or 11 if included in the first two cards.


A Blackjack combination of an ace worth 11 points and any 10-point card pays 3 to 2 at the beginning of the round.


The first two cards of equal rank can be split. This means separating each card into two hands and placing an equal bet to the initial bet. Then, the game is played for two hands with individual cards and stakes, which doubles the winning possibilities.


Players can place bonus bets on the winning outcome of the first two cards before the start of the round to get a multiplier of up to x101.


The game can be played with three hands simultaneously.


It's possible to double the bet if the player's initial two cards' value is 9, 10, or 11, and add the last card to the hand.

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