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Game Description

MAYAN DICE is a 5-reel spinning symbol Dice Slots with 5 fixed win lines. A combination of two or more matching symbols along one or more win lines can constitute a win.

The win table indicates the prize for each win combination. When winning on two or more win lines, all wins are added together. The game includes a bonus feature. Wins from the bonus feature are added to the regular wins. The wins are paid out immediately at the end of each game round. The bonus feature is played with the same bet level as the triggering round, and the bet cannot be changed during the bonus.

Game Rules

The win table indicates the win sums for each symbol combination, using the currently selected bet level. Normal symbol wins are evaluated left to right for adjacent symbols. Additionally, the SCATTER symbol gives wins in any position on any reel when 3, 4 or 5 SCATTER symbols are in view. 3 or more BONUS symbols on a win line from left to right trigger the bonus game.

In the bonus game, the player is presented with three cups revealing one to six gems each. Three more cups are shown turned upside down, each containing an unknown number of gems, between one and six for each cup. The player shall guess whether the three hidden cups combined contain more or less gems than the revealed cups combined. The player can also choose to skip the round. The player chooses by pressing the HIGHER, LOWER or SKIP buttons. A correct guess of higher or lower wins the amount shown on the button. A wrong guess wins a consolidation prize indicated at the bottom of the screen. If the result is equal, the game round is replayed. Skipping the round automatically awards the sum indicated by the SKIP button. The bonus game continues for 3, 6 or 12 rounds as indicated in the main game win table. At the end of the bonus feature, the player is returned to the regular game and the total bonus wins are added to the regular game wins.

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