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Will you be able to win your fear and get into the arena like a real gladiator? Will you be so brave tochallenge the most skilled fighters? With the new Maximum  multi line Dice Slot the players will feel the excitement and adrenaline of the ancient Roman gladiators from the comfort of their home! Thanks to Maximum you will experience strong emotions and relentless adrenaline rush within a unique gaming experience, with a strikingly realistic graphics! Maximum, comes with all the latest features that characterize the WM multi-line slots.


Maximum is a virtual Dice Slot with multiple bet lines and with special functions symbols. The aim of the game is to get one or more combinations of winning symbols as described in the paytable. The winnings vary according to the numbers of selected bet lines and to the bet level amount. Only the highest win per bet line is paid. Bet line wins pay when in succession from leftmost to right. Other winnings on different bet lines are added.


Set the Bet Level amount; the spin cost varies according to the selected value.

Set the number of Bet Lines; at the launch of the game the maximum number of lines is selected by default.



Wild symbol which, combining with other drawn symbols on the reels of the same bet line,allows to get the highest payout, among those compatible with the selected bet line (except for the maximum win obtainable by playing with the Max Bet); moreover, when it contributes to form the winning line, it multiplies the win amount by the coefficient defined in the paytable. Wild can substitute for all symbols except for the Free Spin and the Bonus Game symbols.


In the event of a specific number of Free Spin symbols on the reels frame, you obtain additional Free Spins that will be played with the same Bet Level and the same number ofLines of the round that activated the Free Spins.


In the event of a specific number of Bonus Game symbols on the selected Bet Line, you enter a special free game where you can get further winnings. Only one Bonus Game can be awarded for each spin.


The player has to select the weapon he want to play with, than the player has to choose 6 out of 9 targets available. For each hit the win amount will be displayed. Click on the Bonus Game button to start the Bonus Game.

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