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° A set of 5 cards is dealt.

° Each new game costs a bet.

° Each deck of cards consists of cards ranging from 2 to ACE.

° It is possible to unlock all blocked cards. It is not mandatory to change cards. If no cards are changed, a new game is started.

° A ROYAL STRAIGHT must contain an ACE. The Joker cannot replace the ACE of a ROYAL STRAIGHT.


The player triggers BONUS 3 when all steps of the Bonus path are activated.

Each step of the path is activated when a THREE OF A KIND appears.

This prize is obtained instead of the normal prize corresponding to a Three of a Kind.

BONUS 3 can contain a Joker symbol.


The player receives the BONUS 4 prize when a combination of 4 identical cards appears as presented in the BONUS 4 panel.

The combination in the BONUS 4 panel changes after each BONUS 4 win.

This prize is paid instead of the usual Four of a Kind prize. BONUS 4 can contain a Joker symbol.

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