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ALICE IN THE ROSE MAZE DICE is an online DICE SLOTS game with 5 reels and 20 paylines. A combination of at least three identical symbols on one or more paylines awards a win.

The paytable indicates the prize for each winning combination. When you win on at least two paylines, all wins are added together. The game includes a BONUS feature:


The wins generated by the bonus feature are added to normal wins. Wins are paid out immediately at the end of each round. The bonus feature is played with the same bet level as the triggering round, and the bet cannot be changed during the bonus feature.

Game Rules

The paytable indicates the amounts won for each symbol combination, based on the currently selected bet level. Normal wins for symbols are evaluated from left to right for adjacent symbols, starting from the leftmost reel.

The game features WILD and SCATTER symbols.


The WILD symbol appears on all reels and substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter.


The SCATTER symbol can appear on reels 1, 2, 4, and 5. 3 or more scatter symbols trigger the BONUS feature. The number of SCATTER symbols affects the number of initial spins available for the bonus game:

3 SCATTER symbols award 6 initial spins for the bonus game.

4 SCATTER symbols award 8 initial spins for the bonus game.

BONUS GAME - The Hedge Maze

The BONUS GAME consists of 3 levels, each containing fifteen face-down cards. The card grid functions like a maze that the player tries to navigate through. Each level is more challenging than the previous one. At each level, the player attempts to collect roses (which turn into currency) and multipliers that increase the value of the collected pot. If the player manages to escape the maze on the other side, an additional cash prize becomes available.

On each turn, the player can choose one card from a column of three cards. By flipping cards, the player charts a path through the maze. Each card can reveal one of the following:

Rose: turns into currency at the end of the bonus game. One rose equals 1x the current bet.

Golden Rose: worth 10 basic roses.

Potion: increases the multiplier by +1, +2, +5, or 2x.

Pocket Watch: adds +2 additional spins.

Rabbit Hole: sends Alice (the player) to the next level.

Soldier: attempts to capture Alice. If the soldier captures Alice, the bonus game ends, and the collected wins are paid to the player.

White Rabbit Cash Prize

If the player manages to complete a level, the White Rabbit cash prize is available to be collected. The cash prize is different for each level:

Level 1 - 10x the current bet.

Level 2 - 100x the current bet.

Level 3 - 1,000x the current bet.

Surprise Visitors

Surprise visitors can appear at any time during the bonus feature. Each surprise visitor either affects the values of cards revealed at that point in the game or the White Rabbit cash prize. Special characters can only appear once during the same level of the bonus game.

The Caterpillar: All revealed Pocket Watch cards gain +2 in value.

The Mad Hatter: All revealed Potion cards are multiplied by 2.

The Cheshire Cat: The White Rabbit cash prize is multiplied by 5.

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