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Fruit Shifter



Welcome to Fruit Shifter, a 5-reel Dice slot with 99 payline combinations and a win multiplier of 1 to 10x.

This game introduces the SHIFTING feature that changes the game! With smart moves, cunning, and a pinch of luck, you can reach the highest possible win!

Select a bet, press SPIN in the bottom right corner, and achieve big wins!


Cascades and Shifting

Winning symbols disappear, remaining symbols cascade down, and new symbols fill the empty spaces.

This continues as long as there are wins on the paylines.

If there are possible winning combinations left on the reels, you can SHIFT THE REELS LEFT AND RIGHT to move these combinations to the payways.



The multiplier meter is displayed under the game reels. For each cascade, the multiplier level increases by one level up to a maximum of 10x.

You can SHIFT THE REELS LEFT AND RIGHT to move these combinations to the payways.

How to Play ?

When you play the shifting feature, the game tooltip shows the current possible win.

Shift the reels to see other possible wins. But should you always choose the highest win ???

By selecting the current smallest win, you can lock in the higher value combination and collect it with a higher multiplier level! Look at the wins you could get now. Imagine where the remaining symbols would end up after the collapse. Decide on the smartest move!

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