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European Roulette

European roulette


European roulette is a game of a wheel and 37 slots where a ball can land. There are slots numbered 1 to 36 that are colored black or red, and there is a green slot with the number 0.


As soon as the wheel starts moving, the ball can land in any slot in black or red, with an even number or an odd number, or 0. The player can choose where to place a bet – either on a single number, on a series of numbers, on a color, etc.


The objective of European roulette is to make a correct estimate of the slot where the ball will land. This is the essence of the game, and betting on the right number will bring a return on the bet. There are different types of bets, and they are reimbursed accordingly.


Place the bet and click on SPIN. After some time, the ball will be launched into one of the slots, and the slot number will be considered a winner in that round. Depending on the type of your bet and the accuracy of your prediction, you will receive the payout.


Types of bets


There are 3 rows and 12 columns in European roulette. The numbered slot 0 is located right at the beginning of the number field. Bets are differentiated between inside and outside. The former can be placed on the numbers and the lines that separate them, while the latter are generally placed on slots that do not refer to the numbered area of the table.

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