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Einstein Eureka Moments

Einstein Eureka Moments

Welcome to a world of science and discovery! Einstein will be your guide in this incredible Dice Slot


Collect 3 Bonus symbols to access one of the four fabulous Free Spins functions, all centered around famous scientists!

Edison's Lightbulb will transform a random symbol into a Wild symbol.

Newton's Law of Gravity causes apples to fall from a tree, which then transform into Wild symbols.

Bell's Telephone will spin and award multipliers to your winnings.

And Darwin's Theory of Evolution erases the lowest symbols from the reels!

And by playing in Double Bubble Bonus mode, you'll get two bonus functions instead of one!

Sometimes, the reels spin for an extended period, and the character of Einstein writes on the blackboard. There are two options:

  • Einstein writes "E=M" on the blackboard, scratches his head, erases the text, and resumes his pose. The game continues in the usual way (the reels stop spinning).

  • Einstein writes "E=MC2" on the blackboard, resumes his pose, and raises his fist in the air. The reels continue to spin, and the selection of modifiers is activated.


While the reels are still spinning, three thought bubbles appear above Einstein. After two seconds, two of the thought bubbles disappear, leaving one thought bubble in view. This thought bubble contains the modifier that will be applied once during the current spin.

Modifiers 1: Locked Bonus Symbols

  • On reel 1, a Bonus symbol appears in a fixed position.

  • On reel 2, a Bonus symbol appears in a fixed position.

  • The reels land in the usual order with an extended animation on reels 2, 3, and 4.

  • Then there are 2 options:

  • No other Bonus symbols appear. The Bonus symbols on reels 1 and 2 disappear in the next spin, as well as the text on the blackboard.

  • Three Bonus symbols or more appear. The BONUS function selection is activated.

    Modifiers 2: Big win ?

    • Reels 1 and 2 land normally.

    • Reel 3 has an extended animation.

    • If a win has been created, the animation of reel 4 is also longer.

    • If another win has been created, reel 5 also gets a longer animation.

    • If no win was achieved, the other reels land normally.

    • This is triggered by any win consisting of Wilds and symbols.

    Modifiers 3: Super Stack

    The thought bubble remains visible, but the text is replaced by a rapid succession of symbols. After a few seconds, one of these symbols remains in the thought bubble.

    • When the reels stop, they display stacks of identical symbols to the one in the thought bubble.


    When 3 or more BONUS symbols appear, the BONUS function is activated. The four different Bonus functions are displayed, and one of them is awarded.

Edison's Bright Bonus

Unlimited free spins are awarded. At the end of a spin, there is a chance that the lightbulb lights up and reveals one of the 9 main symbols. If the symbol revealed by the lightbulb appears on the reels, it turns into a Wild symbol.

Newton's Free Spins Bonus

Unlimited Free Spins are awarded. At the end of each spin, there is a possibility that an apple falls on Einstein's head. When he has been hit 3 times, the 'Remaining Lives' counter shows 0, and the Free Spins end.

Bell's Multiplier Bonus

10 Free Spins are awarded. At the start of a spin, it is possible that the phone starts ringing. The dial spins and stops at a random position. In case of a win, the multiplier is displayed prominently at the top of the reels.

Darwin's Evolution Bonus.

8 Free Spins are awarded. When a Darwin Evolution Bonus symbol appears, the leftmost step of the evolution panel disappears.

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