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Geleverd door WorldMatch


The Multiline Slot is a slot machine with virtual reels characterized by multi bet line.The number of reels,aswell as the number of bet lines,is variable and depends on the features of every single Slot. Each reel ischaracterised by a sequence of symbols that are randomly drawn for each game.Each play rises to a combination of symbols, which under the definition of the paytable, can be winning orlosing.Winning combinations and payouts are made according to the paytable.Bet line wins payif in succession from leftmost to right but only one (the highest) winning per line will bepaid.The game presents the followingspecialsymbols with special features described in the paytable.


It is a wild card symbol that allows the player toget the highest payout among those compatible with the symbols drawn in other reels of the same bet line. In this way the wild card is combined with othersymbols to get a winning, as it can replace all symbols.


The player obtains (according to the paytable rules) one or more additional Free Spins playedat the same bet level and number of bet lines as the round activating Free Spins. During each single Free Spin it is also possible to win additional Free Spins .