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1 Reel Egypt Dice


1 Reel Egypt Dice

Click the Spin button to spin the reel, land on a symbol to progress the symbol to the next level.

Click the Collect button to transfer the money from the bank to your balance (but reset all prize progression).

Click the Bet button in order to change the bet value; you can't switch bet amount while your bank isn't empty.

During a spin, the Help, Settings, and Collect buttons will be disabled.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

The game features 3 symbols with progressive wins, based on the number of times the player manages to land the symbol on the reel.

Each time one of the 3 symbols lands, the corresponding symbol win bar will progress to the next level.

All winnings are accumulated inside the bank, except for direct wins and the jackpot win.

By clicking the Collect button, all money earned from the bank will be awarded to your balance, but all symbols prize progression will reset.


Landing on the Reset Bank symbol will reset all prize progression, and the bank will be reset to zero.

After reaching the final level with a symbol, every time the same symbol lands in this state, the player will be awarded the final level win amount directly to their balance (the amount will not be added to the player's bank).

After filling all 3 symbol progress bars, the player will be awarded the jackpot.

After winning the jackpot, it will disappear until the prizes get reset (either by collecting or by using the Reset Bank symbol).

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