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Supplied by Air Dice

We're proud to offer Scatter Gallery, Scatter Shots and Scatter Fair. These visually stunning carnival and shooting gallery themed games offer three different styles to play the main game while trying to trigger the sweet Bonus feature and take aim at three progressive jackpots! The progressive jackpots are shared and grown with popular Air Dice games such as Pure, 24k and Farmer's Delight.

Blast your way through to the Bonus game and take a shot at the Jackpot!The Scatter Bonus game is a shooting gallery style bonus feature, where you shoot at duck-shaped targets. The ducks represent points, extra shots, Mystery Games and the Progressive Jackpots. You start with 4 shots and 100 points.

The bonus feature rewards cumulatively with points and extra spins for each duck hit, as long as you have shots left and have not reached the maximum of 25 shots during the Bonus game. Maybe you will be the lucky shooters by hitting the Mystery or Jackpot duck! So you will be awarded with 1 to 10 Mystery Games or one of the three Progressive Jackpots! Winning Mystery Games or one of the Jackpots also ends the Bonus game.